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("Standard Film Projector" by johnson.lynd.  Find it here.)

Worship Software
All of the pieces of software in this category have roughly the same features and seem to all be around the same price.  I cannot recommend one piece of software but I would suggest you get one of these.  One or other of these pieces of software will appeal to you depending on your situation.


ProPresenter is the piece of worship software that I use, mostly because I am a Mac user and it was originally designed for Mac.  ProPresenter is now cross platform piece of software.  I have used it both on Mac and PC and I will attest that it works better on the Mac Platform.  This is a good choice if you are using both Macs and PCs in your setting.  The site license is the way to go if you can afford it.  The site license also makes ProPresenter really appealing if you are going to be using the software on more than one computer especially if your are using both Macs and PCs.


MediaShout is the piece of software that I most often hear of people using.  I have not used it extensively and it has been several years since I have had my hands on it, so I can't speak to how well it works.  My understanding it that it has pretty much the same features as ProPresenter.  Media Shout has a Mac version as well but it looks like it is not possible to buy one license that will allow you to use either type.  There is a crossgrade that allows you to buy the mac version for a little bit cheaper if you already have the PC version.  If you are planning on actively using both Mac and PC computers the ProPresenter site license might be a better choice.  If you are looking for a very user friendly experience, you can buy a computer that is built to run media shout as well.


EasyWorship is the piece of software I know least about.  A cursory look at the software lets me know it has pretty much the same features as the other two.  Easy worship is the only one of the three choices that is only available on the PC side of things.