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Activity 3 - Sermon Series Design

("Christmas Eve Worship at Saddleback Orange" by brent. Find it here.)

1) Think about a sermon series that you have given or that you would like to give.

2) Pick out a couple of themes that would tie all of the sermons in that series together.

3) Use CC search to pick out one image that could be used as the main image for the series, pick out an image of one physical object that could be used in your alter design to fit with the themes of the series, and put together a blank worship slide that could be used with the sermon series. (You might start here and edit the background to fit your theme.)

4)Post all three of your images to flickr@theologicaldesign.com.  Indicate what each image is in the title and make sure you have a description of how each of the elements fits together in the body of the email.